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Andrew Rusu

Lead of 3D Modeling & Building Science

Within Five Visuals, Andrew is taking your rough 2d sketches on whether product design, architectural plans, and concept art, and turn it into lifelike renders. So happy to have Andrew a part of our passioned team.

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Bogdan Chetrari

Lead of Motion, VFX & Video Editing

Bogdan started his passion for motion engineering and animation in 2011. He finished up a fine arts school in Europe and decided to leverage his skills in digital artwork. Now, Bogdan is our lead motion and vfx expert, here at Five Visuals.

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Chris Tsurcanu

Lead of Design Systems & User Experience

Chris spent almost 8 years on UseR Experience and product designs. He started as a website designer but soon, he realized the design can't provide usability that so drives customer success. Now, he's certified in design thinking, user experience and usability with almost 100+ designs and 25+ usability tests runned up.

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Sorin Opinca

Lead of Brand Identity and Creative

Sorin makes your business become a symbol. Because that’s the fundamental of a strong branding. He started his passion for typography, simbolism, and digital illustrations at the age of 16 (now 29). Sorin decided that the next thing he gonna master would be using his inteligence and creativity for creating hidden messages within the logos, digital art, product packaging, and ultimately - brand identity. He describe this process as coceptual strategy.

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