Animal Rights March: Emotional Video

Environmental health is one of our priorities; that's why we keep supporting volunteering work. We were engaged in filming and editing a video that will tell people where is one of the main problems in our society.

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''Take A Walk'' Chill and Inspirational Video

This video was done purely as an experiment, to show that even with hard filming conditions, with the right skill, you can achieve something beautiful and meaningful. One of the best ways to keep an audience until the end is to edit by the beat of the music, make accurate cuts in the right places and most importantly is to show an idea and to share same emotions with the viewer.

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Josh PBK: Futuristic Glitchy Video

The “PBK” (Josh “Pretty Boy” Kelly) project was done for Josh Kelly’s training club. Josh is famous in the boxing world as being in the top 30 boxers in his category. The main point of the video was to represent the possibility of achieving the highest peaks by doing what you want.

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